live performance


Philip Mayer is a London based graphic designer and video artist, and has been performing under the name VJ Sorted for the past 12 years. He first started VJing at London clubs in the early 90s, during the birth of the Jungle music scene (AWOL at The Paradise club, Desire at The Rocket etc.) Since then, he has worked at literaly hundreds of events, with dozens of different artists and promoters - both large and small - at clubs and festivals across England, Europe and the Americas. A small list of gigs is below:
1994 - 2002 The Big Chill, UK
1994 - 2004 Glastonbury Festival, UK
1998 - Sonar, Barcelona
1999 - Virgin Festival, UK
1999 - Red Bull launch, Sao Paulo
2000 - Gatecrasher, UK
2001 - VideA, Barcelona
2002 - Essential Festival, UK
2003 - Hypno, Sao Paulo
2003 - Fulltronic, Porto Alegre
2004 - Heineken Tour, Rio de Janeiro
2004 - SKOLbeats, Sao Paulo
2004 - TIM Festival, Sao Paulo
VJ Sorted has recently spent time working in Brasil. Below is a video compilation of some of the events where he has performed.
brasil (MPEG4)
(6min - 20MB)